Make Money Using YouTube

Among all of the social networks, YouTube has arguably the biggest global impact when it comes to video content. As a video streaming platform that came into being in the early 2000’s, it quickly grew to become one of the most visited sites on the internet. Today, its relevance is widely recognized and each day, billions of videos are being watched by a truly global audience. With this weight behind it, it is no wonder that the countless number of people is using YouTube to earn money, which can for some individuals regularly exceed millions of dollars per year. However, there are many of those who are wondering how do people make money using YouTube? To provide some clarity on this issue, here are the top three ways YouTubers employ when it comes to earning money on YouTube.

Using the AdSense Program

YouTube is being run by Google and this is why this company is extending its content monetization program to the same platform. AdSense is a widely-used ad-based platform which is being employed by people who want to make money with their content in a simple and easy manner. AdSense is embedded into YouTube and anyone who has a channel with a certain amount of views on it can apply for it and then get in. This way, whenever someone watches a video and clicks on one or more ads on the same page, the creator gets a part of the same funds. While this method includes limited opportunity when it comes to the funds a YouTube creator can generate, it still offers a very straightforward way for someone to start monetizing their videos.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, in general, is a great way to generate a profit from different ventures and YouTube is no different. Firstly, the same YouTube who wants to begin earning money with their content should have a precisely defined niche or topic that they cater to. For example, this could be sports videos or tech reviews that particular channel features. Once a channel does have its niche defined, the creators can locate products from the same area on portals like eBay, Amazon or some other place and try to sell them through their content. For every sale that takes place, a YouTuber is awarded a percentage of the price of the same product or service. This could be measured in cents, but for more expensive purchases, each sale could bring the YouTubers dozens if not hundreds of US dollars. Additionally, as a YouTube channel grows, the chance of making a sale grows as well.

Direct Sponsorship Deals

Direct sponsorship represents deals struck between a YouTube creator and a particular brand or company. In it, the creator gets paid for promoting the products or services from their sponsors while they make whatever content they would otherwise create. It might be hard to reach this type of a deal, mainly because companies and brands only want to work with the biggest YouTubers around. However, when this type of a deal does occur, it provides the highest possible payout for a YouTuber. With it, YouTube’s stars end up making millions of US dollars by creating videos that made them famous.

With any of these methods, a YouTube creator stands a chance not only to start earning money but also to eventually reach a place where this can be their primary profession.

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